Are we any safer?

With today's explosion in the NYC Subway system, this will no doubt renew the administration's language about the travel ban.    Here are two views on whether or not the President's Travel ban is actually making us safer.

With President Trump’s Travel Ban 3.0, is America any Safer?

Huffington Post, 12/5/2017
By Kashif N Chaudhry

Today, the Supreme Court allowed President Trump’s revised travel ban to be fully enforced. This ban restricts visas from eight countries, including six Muslim-majority nations. The premise: ‘National Security.’ But, does such a ban really make Americans safer? Here are five points ALL Americans need to understand.

1. Religious extremism, not Islam, is the real threat: There is no denying the fact that religious extremists, and terrorist groups like ISIS, pose a grave threat to the United States. These groups pervert religion for ulterior geo-political agendas. Their violent rhetoric - advocating for the killing of homosexuals, ‘blasphemers,’ apostates and anyone who disagrees with their worldview - has no place on our planet. Period.  ....more

Is the USA safe under Trump?


No one can ever say we are totally “Safe” but the President intends to increase our security both at the border and through a stronger more robust military and so far has been taking steps to do just that.
He has also vowed to reduce crime and deporting criminal illegal aliens is one step towards doing that but we’ll have to see if he can really do anything for extremely dangerous inner cities like south Chicago and similar.
The President was long critical of both Bush and Obama actions in getting us into wars, especially without a clear plan so avoiding stupid wars or fighting wars intelligently (largely by telling the generals what you want to ACCOMPLISH and letting them just get it done) should help.

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