The FCC Rolls Back Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 along party lines to repeal the 2015 decision to have stronger oversight broadband providers.   As the both our economy and our social networks have become more dependent on fast internet, this vote drew quite a bit of interest among the general public.   Defenders of Net Neutrality have suggested that this will stifle innovation and increase costs for all the services we use on the internet.    Opponents point to the 1996 Telecommunications Act among others.   Let's go beyond the headline with these two opposing viewpoints. 

The Biggest Whopper From The FCC's Net Neutrality Meeting

IT TOOK LESS than two hours of debate for the Federal Communications Commission to repeal net neutrality protections, a decision that could send ripple effects across the internet for years. Over the objections of the commission's two Democrats, the three Republican members, including Chair Ajit Pai, voted to overturn protections put in place in 2015—but not before fudging a few facts.
In their remarks, Chairman Pai, Commissioner Brendan Carr, and Commissioner Mike O’Rielly framed their votes as an attempt to restore the internet to a time not so long ago when it was free of heavy-handed government regulation. But that characterization of Thursday’s decision rests on a selective and misleading reading of recent history and how the internet has been regulated.
Here are some of the most spurious claims we heard from the commissioners: <more>

Am I The Only Techie Against Net Neutrality?

If you watch the news, it seems just about everyone is in favor of “Net Neutrality” legislation. Despite being a tech-addicted entrepreneur, I am not. No, I am not a paid shill for the cable industry. I am no fan of Comcast or any other ISP I’ve ever had the "pleasure" of dealing with. I’m skeptical of large corporations generally and dislike the fact that in this debate I appear to be on their side. While I have no problem with net neutrality as a principle or concept, I have serious concerns about Net Neutrality as legislation or public policy. And since a false dichotomy is being perpetuated by the media in regards to this matter, I feel an obligation to put forth a third point of view. In taking this stand, I realize I may be the only techie, if I can aspire to that label, opposed to Net Neutrality and that I open myself to accusations of killing the dreams of young entrepreneurswrecking free speech, and destroying the Internet. Nevertheless, here are three reasons I’m against Net Neutrality legislation. <more>

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