Our Hope for 2018 - Less Anonymous Outrage

As 2017 comes to an end, it's a good time to look ahead for our hope at One Headline A Day for 2018 -- Less Anonymous Outrage.   It's our belief that while the "Outrage Industry" has been alive and well for sometime, it has gotten worse in the last few years and has in part been fueled by social media.    I was able to find two such examples from my local newspaper.   Columnist John Tevlin is retiring and his final column is below.    I took note of following quote:

In the past couple of years, however, I’ve gotten worn down by the weekly screeds and wishes that I lead a short, uncomfortable life. I began to dread the 3 a.m. calls and anonymous notes. After many weekends got ruined by hostile chatter on social media...

Hugh Hewitt's column on our addiction to outrage, correctly predicts the following:

Wait a bit after this column posts online, then check the comments. It will be a cut and paste of every other comment section of every other column, left, right and center. Just as cable news talking heads are beginning to blur into one long declarative sentence of certainty surrounded by nodding heads.

We hope that OneHeadlineADay.com  will be an antidote to our online outrage addition.    We welcome and encourage your comments to the posts here, but we do not allow anonymous comments.   If you feel strongly about your opinion, you should "put your name next to it".

Looking forward to a great 2018.

'Against all odds, I survived a career in journalism'

By Jon Tevlin, @jontevlin

Being a newspaper columnist is a strange and beautiful caper. Your world is populated by oddballs and knuckleheads, superheroes and sociopaths. You rub and trade elbows with the up-and-coming and the down-and-out. For the same column, you can be called “the last person with common sense in the city,” and a “tone-deaf curmudgeon.”

Thanks for that second one, by the way. I had it emblazoned on my coffee mug.

People always ask me where I get the ideas for columns. They come from everywhere and nowhere, from breaking news to my slightly skewed curiosity about the world. A lot of times, the columnist Gods (readers) drop one in your lap. As Guy Clark said, some days the song writes you. <more>

A sad, outrageous fact: We've gotten hooked – on outrage

 By Hugh Hewitt

 Addiction is the story of 2017.

Not addiction to opioids, though of course tens of thousands of families are mourning the death of a loved one to fentanyl or heroin or some other variant of the scourge coursing through the United States.

Not addiction to the toxic combination of power and lust that has metastasized for so many decades and burst onto the public stage in so many places, with the name Harvey Weinstein now synonymous with a sociopathic need to dominate, humiliate and exploit for a twisted set of pseudo pleasures. <more> 

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